April 11, 2012

Robot Rescue Teaser Video

Here's a quick teaser for Robot Rescue. It hasn't been rendered to the finished product standard, but it's nice to see the characters moving.

This little video was rendered before the facial features of the characters had been animated, and here's why,

As an animation tip, if an animator can convey to the audience what the characters are feeling and thinking through the use of body language, before animating the eyes and mouth, then that is building a solid foundation on which to layer the depth of the character's emotion by then animating the eyes and mouth (dialogue).

Put simply, a character can say the words "I'm happy". But if their body language does not convey their happiness, the audience will intuitively not believe that the character is happy.

Thanks to Brendan Carmody for all his technical and modelling work on the 3d assets of Robot Rescue.
This video was animated by the combined efforts of Nam Doan and myself.
The first half of the music comes from, I think, the original Robotech Sound track and the last half is the work of Danny Elfman.

Stay tuned for more videos, progress and tips to come soon.

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