June 17, 2010

The Importance of Strong Posing

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thought i'd talk a little about the challenges of posing and following the 2d drawing as close as possible with a 3d model.

In the example shown, the camera angle has changed from the 2d to 3d(less of a down shot). But the importance of Sparky's point at his detachable hand was what mattered (the arrow in the dawing below). It took a long time to get that line from elbow to finger tip as straight as possible. It's important for that finger to really be driving straight at his detachable hand. It shows who's boss and who's being told. Plus a straight line of action has more force. It's aim has gotta drill straight into his hand's chest.

but 3d models have their limitations and in the end, one just can't get it as straight as the drawing. That's the beauty of drawings vs 3d. You can push a dawn pose further.

Also, look at the two 3d pictures, the one on the left is the render cameras view. That's waht the audience will see. If we  look on the right though, we can see that Sparky is'nt even pointing at the detachable hand. Or looking at the hand for that matter. Plus his left foot has got collision issues in the right side image. But the point is, who cares. From the audiences' view on the left, it all looks correct. When I pointed his finger and gaze directly at the hand it just did'nt look right from the audience perspective. So a cheat was what was needed. Always use a cheat if it's a question of correct looking vs good looking design.

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