April 18, 2012

Robot Rescue Comic Roughs

Hello followers, robots and countrymen.

Here is a few pages of rough comic page designs.

Each finished image is a sandwich of about 5 layers, all rendered to build up the atmosphere of the environment. I particularly like the smog/fog look that Brendan Carmody designed.  The whole idea of several layers was for each image was Brendan's, so kudos to him.

These images are just working roughs and not the finished product. For example the first image of the city has no traffic or pedestrians in the city. It's just a way of quickly putting some page layouts down to see if they are each working on their own and as a narrative.

All comments welcome on what you think of the look, the layouts and their readability.Due to the vertical placement of the images in blogger, the pages boundaries may be a bit indistinct, but i'm sure you'll work out that there are 4 pages [:] )

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  1. get on top of those colors/colours, apart from that, I love it

    1. in addition make sure you turn on final gather when you do the color render layer pass, increase the shadow samples to get rid of the bad grainy shadows