May 17, 2010

As we hurtle through time and space towards the completion of the ROBOT RESCUE 3d comic..... I thought I'd share some of today's efforts, direct from the RR basement.

Here we have a couple of scenes where Sparky comes face to face with Krusha's minions, the Killer-Bots.

The video sketches give an idea of the FX that will later be added in post production, after the 3d render. I could do the FX in 3d, however, i'll enjoy life more without my head stuck in maya tutorials for the rest of said life. So your just seeing the raw 3d for now.
Besides, this is a comic and i wanted to bring in some traditional comic art elements (eg speed lines) to give it the right feel. Stay tuned for the final product. Tests so far have been mouthwatering.
enjoy :{
Sparky's bumbling reaction to a Killer-Bot attak unwittingly gets him out of trouble as he smacks the crane's controls.

These space going demons of death are too smart for their own good as two of them become victims of their own aerial manoeuvres.

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